Klondike Derby, here we come!!

Troop 45 is off to the Klondike Derby, this afternoon. We’re meeting at 5pm at the scout building, then heading from there to the event. It will be COLD, so please be sure to note the advise of our council executive, below:

Weather reports indicate it will be very cold with highs in the upper teens and lows around 5 degrees, winds 5-10 mph.

While we want everyone to have a great time, more importantly we want everyone safe. All leaders and staff should keep an eye on Scouts and adults.

· Remember the Buddy System and all Youth Protection Guidelines.

· If you suspect a Scout or Adult needs to warm up please use the following Warming Station Locations

o All cabins (Wood, Wald, Leopold, and Rimmey). We are asking all units using a cabin to make it available for Scouts and leaders to use as an emergency Warming Station. Those using a cabin to warm MUST BE RESPECTFUL of the unit that has rented the cabin.

o The Dining Hall

o Camp Office

o Trading Post

o In addition most areas will have fires so stay warm while waiting for your turn at the stations.


· Emergency First Aid is available at the Dining Hall on Saturday. If you need first aid assistance call 814-364-1017 from your cell phone and we will get emergency personnel to you. Obviously if it is a serious injury call 911 first.

· Make sure your Scouts and adults dress for the weather. Dress in layers, hat, gloves, mask to protect the face and have boots on. Tennis shoes are not appropriate for this event.

· Be careful on the trail. There has been some melting and freezing of snow. Be aware ice maybe under the snow we got last night.

· Please follow C-O-L-D


Keeping warm is the most important part of cold-weather camping and outdoor activities. Use the C-O-L-D method to stay warm.

– C – Clean

Since insulation is only effective when heat is trapped by dead air spaces, keep your insulating layers clean and fluffy. Dirt, grime, and perspiration can mat down those air spaces and reduce the warmth of a garment.

– O – Overheating

Avoid overheating by adjusting the layers of your clothing to meet the outside temperature and the exertions of your activities. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks that act as diuretics.

– L – Loose Layers

A steady flow of warm blood is essential to keep all parts of your body heated. Wear several loosely fitting layers of clothing and footgear that will allow maximum insulation without impeding your circulation. Having clothing that is bright colored (orange or red) is also a good idea, so hunters and sportsmen can see you in snowy conditions. Always have a hat and wear it.

– D – Dry

Sweaty, damp clothing and skin can cause your body to cool quickly, possibly leading to frostnip and hypothermia. Keep dry by avoiding clothes that absorb moisture. Always brush away snow on your clothes before you enter a heated area. Keep clothing around your neck loosened so that body heat and moisture can escape instead of soaking through your layers.

Prepare for icy temperatures

Select bright thermal clothing that can be layered as the weather changes. When hands and feet begin to chill, it’s time to put on a hat. Hats help trap body heat by preventing it from escaping through your head. Wear suitable shoes for walking on frozen ground or ice, and don’t forget other essentials like mittens, gloves, and scarves/neck warmers.

Enjoy the Klondike and be safe!


About ewdupler

Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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2 Responses to Klondike Derby, here we come!!

  1. klm313 says:

    Please post the pictures of the dancy feast at Klondike

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