Kinzua 2013

Early morning fog over the lake.

A polar bear plunge.  Really!?  Yes, it was that cold at Kinzua this year.  But we were prepared and still had an awesome time.  With frost on the ground for both mornings of our trip, we still boated in/out of the campsite, did some geocaching, ran our kayak races and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

This year, four of our boys braved the winter-like weather and held a polar bear plunge.  Their scoutmaster teased the group, having them walk in a few feet at a time.  Ultimately, all of them made the dunk and emerged to cheers from the rest of the crew.

Later, seven of the boys ran in our second annual boat race.  This year, it was kayaks.  Tyson won the event by a boat length, taking over as the new troop champion.  The previous champion, Tommy, took second place.

While everyone cooked their meals this weekend, I have to say that Nick’s chicken teriyaki dish, and Tysons spice cake were both simply amazing.  It was awesome to watch the boys cooking and sharing their meals with one another.

Brad rented a pontoon boat for the day which served as an awesome tour boat and wonderful platform for fishing.  While a bunch of the boys went out to catch some fish, they only came back with tales.  Still, there was plenty of fun to be had fishing, even if it was cold.

On the way back, we stopped off at Kinzua Dam to walk the nature trail and check out the visitor’s center.  Unfortunately, the visitor’s center was a victim of the latest federal sequestration.  But the path was pretty and the dam was awesome.

As is tradition, we stopped off for some ice cream on the way home.  Caramel Caribou was pretty amazing.


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Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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