The Biggest Fish I Ever Caught…

Look what I caught!

So, where did you catch your biggest fish?  If you’re in Troop 45, I bet I know.  It was at Penn’s Cave when you joined the troop on a fishing expedition to an exclusive private fishing club.

So how big are we talking, here?  HUGE!  I saw Jon pull in a bunch of fish, with one of them being at least a 20 inch rainbow trout.  Several of the boys were hooking and hauling trout.  The most success seemed to come from the boys fishing the spillway, but Noah told me he had a monster on the line on the far side of the upper pond.

While the boys hunted for monsters, several committee members cooked hot dogs.  Thank you ladies!  Even the newest fishermen learned the ropes as Mr. Ulmer came out from his troop to coach the boys on the finer points of Fishing Merit Badge.  Thank you Mr. Ulmer!

Fishing Merit Badge

Ultimately, everyone had a great time.  While they fish weren’t biting as much as we would have liked, everyone eyed a monster in the water and had plenty of opportunities to entice it with the best bait they could offer.

Our troop’s fishermen.

The entire troop would like to thank Penn’s Cave and especially Mr. Thomas for coordinating this trip for us!


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Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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