Roundtable Notes

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There are a LOT of important announcements and information that are ONLY disseminated at roundtable.  With my volunteer commitments to other organizations, I can’t make the meetings on the first Thursday of each month.  So, I’d like to especially thanks go to Pam for covering roundtable this month!  Here are her notes (with Gene’s comments in bold):

  • The Pow Wow is also the Webelos weekend. Troops that are going for the weekend may reserve the lodge, other wise it is tent camping. Saturday the 28th is cub scout day – the cost is $8 for visitors for that day, only. Everyone else attending for the weekend: it is $22 which includes meals. Scoutmasters will receive an email with registration info. This sounds like it will be a fun weekend.  This month, the PLC met and decided that the troop will attend for the weekend.  A signup sheet will be out shortly.
  • Scouting for Food will be covered at the Oct roundtable meeting. We need a committee member volunteer to attend this meeting.
  • **** Important all scout leaders are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting,(date, time and location to be emailed to you) to give feedback concerning scout camp. This is an important issue due to declining use of Seven Mt’s scout camp. There were strong feelings expressed that if something is not done and done soon to increase use of the camp that it will cease to exist.**** I’ve been soliciting ideas from boys about what would make camp better.  When we get the e-mail from the council, I’ll try to get there.  Committee members and ASMs are welcome to attend, too.
  • Nov – FOS rep will expect every unit to sign up for a presentation. This presentation should happen at a time when parents will be present. Scout leaders are to prep parents before hand that this is a fund raising event and that parents should bring money, check book, or cash to make a donation. Troop 45 does its FOS meeting at the Wingoff.  We need a committee volunteer to fill in the paperwork and turn it in at the next roundtable.
  • Oct 25-27 is the Fall cub O Ree it will be at Governor’s Park in Belft this year. The 26th is the big program day, and cub scout fun day – cost $10 per person. This is a Cub Scout event.  Our troop plans to host Pack 45 for a separate event that weekend.
  • The District Committee is in need of help and has several important slots to be filled. They will meet next Thursday @ Mount Nittany Hospital.
  • Popcorn Several slots are still open – for show and tell selling locations, inquire at the scout office – they feel that this is a great way to increase sales. The council office has purchased extra popcorn for this show and tell selling.  Secured selling locations include Lowes, Sears, JC.Penny, Both Wal-Mart locations, the Centre county visitors bureau for three home football games and the family clothesline on college avenue for the same three home games. The last two locations are filled and lots were drawn for them.  We need a popcorn sales chairperson.  This could be an excellent opportunity to make money for the troop.
  • Any Troops or Packs doing recruitment events this fall are asked to let Dave Counsil know so he can put them on the district calendar.  Our Troop does not do separate recruiting events, but we make ourselves available when requested by the Pack.

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Gene is an avid outdoorsman, loves reading and is known to put pen to paper (well, he types) as an amateur poet.
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