Message from the Pack 45 Cubmaster

Message from Alan Uhler, Cubmaster Pack 45:

As I explained, Dawson Lee is a really special kid in my Cub Scout pack. He has made it his personal crusaid to send care packages to the troops stationed overseas, and I personally don’t think he will be satisfied untill he has sent one to every single American serving overseas. Unfortunatly the home that Dawson and his grandmother share burned on Saturday. I have not had an opporunity to speak with Dawson, but it was relayed to me that the two things which bother him the most are the loss of his pet dog and the loss of the things he had collected for the care packages. He was already planning a fundraiser this weekend at Bald Eagle Valley Sporting Goods and dispite the fire, he is determined the show must go on. Please spread the word to anyone you know that this young man can use all the sales he can get if he is to send care packages in time to be delivered before Christmas. Below is part of the responce I recieved from Tammy Lee regarding the details of Dawsons fund raiser for the care packages. If I remember the number correctly last year Dawson raised the money and sent somewhear around 250 care packages. It sounds as if he lost everything he had stockpiled just as he was preparing to start packaging. Dawson is a special kid and the personal crusade of this 10 year old puts most Eagle Scout projects to shame (my own included). Any help that can be offered would be appreciated.

There is going to be a chicken bbq and craft show at Eagle Valley Sporting Goods in Beech Creek on Sunday from 9-3. He is quite upset that all his things for his care packages burnt. So the fundraiser must go on. People suggested that I cancel it but having it is giving him a piece of mind, just knowing that he is going to raise money for his soldiers helps him.

On a similar note from what information I have been able to gleam, Dawsons grandmother, (one of my cub scout pack leaders as well), apparently did not have insurance, therefore their needs extend beyond the care packages. I have offered help with anything they need, including salvaging belongings. I have also heard that there will also be an opportunity to help the family on Sunday. Below is a link to the Lock Haven Express article on Dawson and the fire.–grandmother-still-giving-despite-loss-from-fire.html?nav=5009


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