5 Ways Your Body Loses Heat and How to Avoid Them

It’s starting to get cold out, and time to start thinking about how to dress for the outdoors. I’m reblogging a great article that talks about what actually makes you cold. For more tips on dressing for the weather, check out http://www.backpacker.com/gear/ask_kristin/103.


Staying warm

The air is crisp, crystalizing around you with each breath. A twig snaps under the pressure of your foot, echoing off the surrounding trees. It’s a brisk, beautiful late autumn morning. It’s great to be in God’s creation.

But for the ill-equipped traveler thrust into survival mode due to mechanical issues with his vehicle, the same picturesque morning can be cold, hard, unforgiving, and even life-threatening.

The right gear makes a world of difference. So what’s the right gear? In previous article, I’ve written about the best way to dress for cold weather. In this post, I’ll share the 5 ways your body looses heat. Understanding these methods can help you to reduce your heat loss and stay warm longer.

Heat Loss Through Radiation

As warm blooded beings, people produce their own heat. By just being alive, we create a normal body temperature of 98.6F. Most the time that’s warmer than…

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