Gear Review – A New Shirt

I LOVE BSA catalogs.  Admit it, you’ve eyed up some of that gear with envy, too.  They really make some great gear.  That’s why I was so excited to get a product e-mail from them this week that advertised the BSA Quarter-Zip French Terry Pullover.

BSA® Quarter-Zip French Terry Pullover

I really looked long and hard at this shirt, but didn’t buy it.  They advertise it as being good for layering, which I’d really like for the colder weather.  So I added up the Pros and Cons:

  • Color/branding – This shirt is the right color for Boy Scouts and is branded with the BSA logo.  I think it looks good.
  • Thin/light – while this wouldn’t be so good as my only insulator, it’s a great concept for adding on layers to trap air while keeping down on the bulk.
  • Elbow patches – I’m tough on gear, so a little extra reinforcement can be a good thing.
  • Pullover – It’s a personal thing, but I like to be able to completely unzip my layers when I get too warm.  This only allows me to unzip at the neck.
  • Brass zipper – For cold weather, I prefer nylon zippers.  They’re more touch friendly on the skin.
  • Cotton – OK, this blew it for me.  I removed this as a possibility for cold weather field gear because cotton retains moisture.

Bottom line: This is a sharp looking pullover that would be great at home or in a cabin, but the cotton fabric and brass zipper rule it out for field use. 

If you’re looking for something for the field and want to buy from, consider the Micro Fleece Quarter-Zip Men’s Pullover, instead. It appears to be a much better layering option for the field, made of 100% micro-fleece polyester and it has a nylon zipper.  I just wish it came in a color other than blue – I’m not a cub scout!

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