Cooking Merit Badge and Contest

Master Chef comes to Milesburg!

This weekend, fourteen boys participated in one of the most exciting cooking challenges they’ve faced.  Following a night of camping, the boys woke up early to start their instruction and competition, with the aim to satisfy some Cooking Merit Badge requirements.

Breakfast was your typical fair of pancakes, but right after, things started to heat up.  With some tips on first aid for typical cooking related issues, and advice on avoiding food related illnesses, our chefs took to their spatulas!

Greg and Cindy did an awesome job outfitting the boys with some chicken and a pantry full of staples that they could use to make whatever they’d like.  Their requirements were to make 3 sandwiches, a one pot dish and a dessert with anything they found on the table.  They also had to present their menu and cost per boy for everything they made.

Now, are you ready for this?  Not only was every dish amazing, but some of the two person teams calculated costs of about a buck per person!  Now that is being thrifty!

The Winners – what an amazing soup and sandwiches.

Ultimately, there could be only one team to win the grand prize (The Winners), but every one of the boys won by building confidence in themselves and having a pretty awesome time doing it.  The entire group told us that they’d love to do something like this again.

I’d like to thank all the parents that donated time and materials to this event.  Particularly the Cain and Rowland families that brought the food and prizes.  I was also asked to put in a word of thanks for Barry and Noah for their good aim, else we wouldn’t have had a chance to try any squirrel for cracker barrel.  And finally, thank you to the boys who participated for their awesome scout spirit.  Your attitudes made the event fun for everyone.

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