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5 Ways Your Body Loses Heat and How to Avoid Them

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The air is crisp, crystalizing around you with each breath. A twig snaps under the pressure of your foot, echoing off the surrounding trees. It’s a brisk, beautiful late autumn morning. It’s great to be…

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To Tuck or Not to Tuck? It’s Official.

Tuck everlasting: Scout uniform shirts should always be tucked in, BSA says To tuck or not to tuck. That was the question on the minds of hundreds of parents who have called the BSA headquarters over the past several months. Their … Continue reading

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Troop Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Have you logged in to and caught up on your YPT and Troop Committee Challenge training, yet?  it’s important for our goal to earn Journey to Excellence for the boys (i.e. Quality Unit).  Plus, rechartering is around the corner. … Continue reading

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