On Top of a Mountain…

What do 7 boys, 3 adults, 1000 feet, a mixture of rain/snow/wind, an overnight on top of the town and incredible views have in common?

View from Milesburg Mountain

Our Milesburg Mountain Campout, that’s what!

We had an awesome time gearing up and headed out to our campout this weekend. For some of the boys, this was their first backpacking trip. On the way up, they quickly decided on some Christmas list items, ranging from new backpacks to new sleeping bags.

But the good news is that everyone was fairly warm after the boys decided to buddy up in their tents.  They even got an extra hour of sleep with the time change.

Aimed at being a quick out-and-back overnighter to help with camping merit badge, the boys completed requirements that included the 1000 foot elevation change as well as trail cooking (though some opted for cold meals.)  Personally, I had cereal for breakfast, but couldn’t help but salivate as I saw a boy make some hash over a cooking stove.

Through the night, I was worried that the wind would carry some gear away, but the boys were all careful.  They secured their tents and set everything up to bear both the wind and overnight rain.  We woke up to clearing skies and a beautiful sunrise.

From beginning to end, the boys did a great job helping and teaching one another.  Boys that struggled were swarmed by older boys who were ready to help.  On the way up, they learned how to caterpillar up the mountain.  And on the way down, they practiced navigating by following terrain.

So the next time someone asks you what you did over the weekend, see if it matches what our boys in Troop 45 are getting done!

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