Action Required: Merit Badge Counselors

Reposted from the Nittany November Newsletter:

Did you know that there is a “Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide” online at And that every merit badge counselor in the district should read it? You can find it by selecting “Volunteer” across the top, then “Training” on the left, followed by “Supplemental Training” under ‘Adult’, also on the left. Scroll about halfway down in the middle section to find it. 

The module should take about 60 min. to read through. Start by taking the “Merit Badge Program Quiz” to discover what you already know or do not know.

Every troop in the district should direct each of their merit badge counselors to the guide for them to read through the training. When completed, the counselor should send an email to the District Commissioner, Amy Harden, at, stating that they have completed a review of the material.

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