Toys for Tots 2013

What do you get when you take 17 boy scouts, drive them 12 miles, then immerse them into thousands of toys that need to be wrapped and distributed to hundreds of children who wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas gift this year?

You get Troop 45’s annual participation in the Marine Corps Toys for Tots where we had a fantastic time!  About a dozen or so adults accompanied the troop as we made our annual pilgrimage to the Santa’s (or at least the Nittany Leathernecks) workshop in State College.

Every one of our boys had a fantastic time.  Some spent time assembling toys, others helped wrap, many were involved with sorting, but all had an awesome time.  The boys that helped process incoming presents had rave reviews from the staff in charge.  They were incredibly impressed.

Overall, I heard nothing but thanks for our hard work, compliments about our troop, and nothing but excitement from the boys.  It’s always a little crazy when we jump in to lend a hand there, but it’s a fantastic way to do a good turn and it certainly makes a difference to others in our community.

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2 Responses to Toys for Tots 2013

  1. Christine Westrick says:

    Hi! I know this is incredibly late, but I have two or three trash bags filled with stuffed animals brand new still with tags on, that I want to donate. Would have got to you sooner but fell over a cat & broke my right (handed) arm. I can’t drive yet. Is there any way they could get picked up? Should I just wait till next year if you don’t need any more toys this year? I promise if I don’t get maimed by another of my pets next year I will get these to you. But I would love to get them out this year. Any possibility? I live in Lakeland sorta by the post office. My phone number is 863 608 4416 or you can reply to this email. Thanks & Merry Christmas!

    Chrissy Westrick

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