It was cold…

camping in sub 20 degree weather…

but we had an awesome time!  Both patrols sent boys to the 2014 Cain Campout to practice for Klondike Derby, help prepare the Pack 45 Webelos for their first foray at the Klondike, and to enjoy their first camp out of the new year.  We had a blast with all sorts of fun activities.

After all, how often do you get to wake up to an inch or two of snow on your tent?  How often have you ground and stuffed your own venison sausage?  When’s the last time you worked a two person saw?  Did you ever do a flag raising in the snow?  Do you know how to rescue someone who got hurt in the woods?  Ever stick a hatchet in a target from 15 feet?  We did all that and more.

While we got there on Friday and tented out, the Webelos joined us early on Saturday morning.  The Boy Scouts had already set up and coordinated a portage, readyman, cooking and log sawing station for them to enjoy.  Feedback from the den was that they learned a lot, felt so much better prepared and had a great time.  Our boys did an awesome job making things fun and keeping the younger cubs safe.

We also ended up making MANY pounds of sausage that our patrols plan to use for their Klondike meals.  These hand made/hand stuffed sausages also became lunch for our Webelos guests.  Most of our boys had never made sausage before, so this was a real treat.

On Saturday afternoon, the troop took to the field for some of its own practice.  They day was so full of activity, we ended up having to cut out some stuff we were really looking forward to, like rifle shooting and a hike.  But in the end, it was a day that was full of fun that left us all exhausted.

The scouts asked that we extend a special thanks to the lodge that hosted us this weekend.  It was a fantastic event and they’re looking forward to visiting again!

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