Ask the Expert: Can Scouts, Venturers drive themselves to/from events?

More of our youth are earning their driver’s licenses. Here are some important guidelines regarding when they can drive in relation to scouting events. There is also some useful information for adults, too.

Bryan on Scouting

Ask the Expert: What happened to Bugling merit badge?File this one under “sad but true”: Getting to and from Scouting events is by far more dangerous than participating in the program.

That’s why the Boy Scouts of America’s Guide to Safe Scouting offers specific guidelines to help adults transport Scouts safely.

But what about older Scouts and Venturers with driver’s licenses? Is it OK for them to drive themselves and others to meetings, weekend campouts, unit activities, area/regional/national events and more?

That’s what Scouter Matt from Eureka, Kan., wondered in an email to me last week. He writes:

I would like some clarification on Scout’s (youth) driving to and from events. The Guide to Safe Scouting seems to indicate that Scouts can drive themselves to regular troop meetings, but otherwise I’m not clear on any answers:

Can a Boy Scout drive to a troop overnighter?
Can a Boy Scout drive other Scouts to a troop overnighter?
Can a Boy…

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