Klondike Derby 2014

The 2014 Klondike Derby had two patrols from Troop 45, among the 59 entries at scout camp. Both teams had a ton of fun and spawned numerous compliments from other troop leaders. Our patrols did an awesome job!

Pheasant Tree Patrol

Hiking Meese Patrol

I’d especially like to congratulate the patrol leaders from each patrol.  Way to go, JD and CC!

Hiking Meese

While I only got to see the boys at the cooking station where I was helping, the Hiking Meese definitely set an amazing impression on all the judges.  In fact, their judge kept walking around teasing everyone else with samples of the food the boys shared with him!  They pulled off a difficult back-woods meal with French fries and burgers, with style, while managing with a last minute dropout from the patrol.

“The 4 hour meal ‘prep /cook/devour’ of cheese burgers and french fries earned the older team 99 out of 100 points!!!! WAY TO GO!!!  Always proud of all of Troop 45!!”  — Sandy

Pheasant Tree

The judge for Pheasant Tree Patrol tracked me down after they left.  Her comment was that she had never seen such safe food handling anywhere, let alone outdoors.  She said that the boys asked her if she wanted to share some of their food before they started cooking – she said “no.”  But by the end of their gourmet meal with field fried donuts and sausage patties that they ground themselves, she said she seriously regretted not trying any.  They did an awesome job, especially since they had a last minute replacement: They did a good turn by welcoming a boy from another troop.  That boy’s troop didn’t attend, but he really wanted to try the Klondike Derby for the first time.

“We sure do have a lot of great cooks in our Troop 45! The Pheasant-Tree patrol also scored 99/100 with their menu of sausage sandwiches with peppers & onions and fried donuts for dessert. Additionally they had time to go to 6 other stations. Way to go ALL of Troop 45!” –Chad

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