Are you Wingoff Ready?

The next meeting is not a normal meeting.  In fact, some people claim it to be crazy!  That’s right, it’s the 2014 Wingoff!  Please use this checklist to make sure you’re ready to attend:

  • Scouts: Bring your favorite wing sauce (hot or not) for the judging competition
  • Bring a side dish to share
  • Make sure you know how to get there – check with your Patrol Leader
  • Committee Members: Know how to use a Troop 45 Fire Extinguisher (training on-site)
  • If you have a homemade ice cream maker, please bring it with the appropriate ingredients and make some for us!
  • These wings are hot, catch up on your life insurance.
  • Stock your softest bath tissue and antacids at home.
  • Be ready for ice cream, hot wings and fun times!

Everyone is invited to participate in the wing eating contest.  It starts off mild and quickly works its way up!  Scouts are judged in their own category – anyone else can try for fun.  Remember, the event starts at 6pm, so we hope to see you there!

Also note that we’ll have a Friends of Scouting presentation at the Wingoff.

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