Hiking Merit Badge: 10 to 15 Mile Hikes Near Centre County

Research every hike you plan to take. Make sure it’s appropriate for your group. ALWAYS leave behind a hiking plan and make sure others know when to expect your return.

Below, you’ll find a list of hikes that you might consider if you’re working on Hiking Merit Badge.  Beware, these hikes are reported experiences of others and may not match the exact trail conditions you will experience if you attempt the hike.

Consult your Hiking Merit Badge Counselor as part of your preparation for trying any of these hikes.

Trail Name Difficulty Hiking Miles Driving Miles from Milesburg
Clarion-Little Toby Trail-South Easy 10.5 71.2
The Cherry Run Trail Loop Moderate 10 29
Blue Knob State Park Circuit Moderate 10.4 71.1
Hemlock Natural Area – Bowman Hollow Loop Moderate 12.6 83.6
John P. Saylor-North Loop Moderate 12.3 90.2
Old Logger’s Path Moderate 13 90.7
AT-Old Horse-Shoe Trail Loop Moderate 11 92
Haldeman Tract-2 Moderate 11 92.3
Hall of Hemlocks-Cherry Run Loop Moderate 13.3 101
Rocky Knob – Quarry Gap Loop Moderate 14.7 109
Rausch Gap Loop Moderate 10.5 111
Lebanon Reservoir-Sharp Mountain Loop Moderate 10.3 119
Oil Creek State Park – Gerard Trail (North) Moderate 10.79 132
French Creek West Moderate 11 154
Quebec Run Loop Moderate 10.6 174
Bear Meadows-Indian Wells Loop Strenous 13.3 21.7
Thickhead Wild Area-Detweiler Natural Area loop Strenous 10.4 42
Donut Hole Trail Strenous 12.1 47.3
Quehanna Trail Strenous 14 50.4
Fallen Timber Trail-Mid-State Trail Loop Strenous 11.79 56
Black Forest Trail Strenous 12.8 59.9
Thousand Steps/Standing Stone Trail Out-and-Back Strenous 10 60.1
Cowans Gap – Tuscarora Tr Circuit Strenous 11.2 85.2
Tuscarora-Standing Stone Loop Strenous 10.9 85.2
Laurel Highlands Trail-South Strenous 11.5 139
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