Planning Your Hike

When taking a long hike, you need a plan.  Check with your Hiking Merit Badge Counselor on what he would like to see as part of your plan.  In the meantime, here are some ideas on what you might want to put into it.

Don’t forget to always leave a copy of your hike plan with someone that isn’t going on the hike and make sure they know when to expect your return.  Leave a copy of the plan at the scout building (on the Scoutmaster’s desk) and on the driver’s seat of your vehicle.


  • What time are you meeting?
  • What time are you heading out on the trail?
  • What time do you expect to return?


  • Where are we meeting?
  • Where will we be parking?
  • What is the name of the trail you will be on?
  • How far is it from the Scout Building?
  • If this trail is NOT a loop, where will we end up?


  • Give a description of the path you’ll be taking.
  • What is the mileage of the hike?  The difficulty?  The altitude change?
  • Include a map, if possible.
  • Besides our regular hiking gear, what else do we need to bring?
  • Are there any special things we expect to see?
  • What are the expected trail conditions? (wet, muddy, rocky, steep, etc.)
  • What are the expected weather conditions (check a week before, 3 days before, and just before the hike.


  • Who is responsible for planning the hike?
  • What is their phone number?
  • Who is NOT going on the hike who will have details of your trip?
  • Who is going with you?
  • What are the experience levels of the hikers?
  • What are the buddy pairs?


  • How are we planning to get there?
  • Will we break into groups, or all hike together?  (If breaking into groups, what are the groups?)
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