Push-up Challenge

The gauntlet has been laid down.  The patrol leaders have issued challenges.  The Scoutmaster is already sore.  And now the question remains, how many can you do?

How many what?  Well, push-ups, of course!

At the PLC, your patrol leaders decided to have a contest every month to encourage an aspect of physical fitness.  This month, it’s push-ups.  The contest pits the patrols against each other to vie for the month’s bragging rights.

Here is how the contest works.  Basically, everyone that shows up to the March 17th meeting does as many (good) push-ups as they can in one shot.  Maximum rest is 3 seconds in the “up” position.  Once everyone in your patrol is done, you average the number of push-ups per patrol member.

So, what do you win?  A healthier you!  But if that isn’t enough, the PLC opted for the following awards:

  • 1 free beverage from the troop fridge for each person in the winning patrol.
  • 1 free beverage for every meeting in March for any person that can do more push-ups than Barry!

So, are you ready?  Remember, a scout promises to keep themselves physically strong, so come out and join us.  The contest starts after Monday’s Court of Honor.

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2 Responses to Push-up Challenge

  1. dandurachko says:

    Hmmmm . . . how many does Barry typically do?

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