Allegheny Front Trail Hike and Campout

Overheard at our recent outing:

That kid hikes like a boss.” … There were several boys that really impressed our Life Scouts that participated in the AFT hike.

These younger guys might have done the 10 miler.  They were pretty good.” … Our SPL was taken aback at how well the Troop’s newest scouts hiked a training hike that Hiking Meese put together.  Knowing the speed that Hiking Meese hit the trail, that is no small praise!

We saw the claw marks from the bear, I couldn’t even reach that high.” … No worries, mom, that was an old marking and miles from camp.  It was still pretty cool.

Ask your patrol leader.” … It wouldn’t be a Troop outing if we didn’t hear this at least once.

For those of you who didn’t make it, we had a great time building fires, cooking food and hiking on Friday into Saturday.  This originally started out as a quick overnighter, but the boys expanded it into a training hike for two different groups.  Our Mount Washington hikers trained on the Allegheny Front Trail for the first in a series of hikes while the New Scout Patrol worked on a lot of scout skills.

The Hiking Meese Patrol was out in force, helping the newest scouts to establish camp, learn some new things and most importantly – to have fun.  We had a field full of tents and despite the cabin, even the New Scout Patrol spent the night outside.  They even insisted on preparing their meals outside, just like the older boys.

Special thanks goes to Fred R. for all his great photos.  Great job to Jake R. for the awesome hiking plan.

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