BSA introduces Virtual Reality Scouting

I understand that preorders are only being taken through the end of 4/1/14 (looks like a one day only sale). Hopefully we can also preorder the high adventure pack.

I’m also told that in 2015, these units will be required for some merit badges. We need to get working on popcorn sales, immediately!

I’m really looking forward to the VR module for Citizenship in the Nation – can you imagine, sitting virtually in the House of Representatives as they discuss and vote on legislation? We need one of these for every scout.

Bryan on Scouting

VR-Scouting-device Love Scouting but hate getting out in the fresh air?

You’re in luck! Today the Boy Scouts of America introduces Virtual Reality Scouting, a revolutionary alternative to regular Scouting that lets you experience all that the BSA has to offer without ever leaving the house.

The new program, debuting this fall, already has a catchy slogan: “Bring the Great Outdoors to the Great Indoors.”

To experience VR Scouting, families will want to purchase the Complete Home-Based Virtual Reality Scouting Starter System — or, simply, the CHBVRSSS (pronounced just like it’s spelled). It’ll go on sale this fall.

The CHBVRSSS will retail for only $1,999.95 — a bargain when you consider it’ll pay for itself after just six years of staying home while everyone else in your unit experiences outdoor Scouting adventures.

David Wilson, a Scouter from Michigan who got to test VR Scouting last month, said he’ll buy a device as soon as it goes on sale.


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1 Response to BSA introduces Virtual Reality Scouting

  1. scoutmaster45 says:

    Happy April Fools Day.

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