Yarnell 10 Mile Loop

Ready, set, hike…


In early April, Troop 45 was off to yet another adventure through the woods surrounding Yarnell. On a trip planned by Caleb, the boys traveled an 11 mile loop through woods, down valleys, past drilling rigs, along streams and over mountains. With only a few small detours due to washed out trails, they finished in great time.

For most, the highlight of the trip was on the second half, following Laurel Run down the mountain.  The weather was cool with some flurries early in the day, but it turned out to be wonderful hiking weather.

With an injured foot, the Scoutmaster saw the troop off in the capable hands of some of our Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Chair. He sneaked off to meet them toward the end and was pleased to see some of the wildlife that preceded the rest of the troop. Apparently the deer in the area like it a little more on the quiet side.

20140405_112113 About half way through, the Troop did their good turn. Apparently a local gas well sprung a leak in the woods. With a quick call to 911, the fire department was dispatched to handle the situation. Great job, scouts and scouters!


Be sure to check out the awesome pictures on the sidebar of the web page, taken by one of our committee members (Thanks, Gail!)

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