SOAR at Scout Summer Camp

Are you 15 to 18 and First Class or above?  Passed your swimmer’s test?  Been to Scout Camp a million times and already have every badge they’ve offered (twice!)  Well, I have good news for you.  The council asked for your thoughts about summer camp and they responded with an awesome opportunity!

Seven Mountains Scout Camp will offer a Scouting Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (SOAR) Program for the older scouts that meet the requirements, above.  It’s a no-cost addition to Scout Camp that replaces the typical merit badge programs.  If you sign up, you’ll do this activity at camp rather than the normal Scout Camp you’re used to.

So, what’s involved?  It’s a full, week-long, program.  The week kicks off organizing your trekking plans and preparing your meals for a canoe trek on the Juniata.  You return in time for the Wednesday Family Night and campfire with the troop.  Then on Thursday, you hit the road on a bike trek.  Upon your return on Friday afternoon, you’ll join back up with the troop for the closing campfire and you’ll depart with us on Saturday.

If you’re not signed up for camp, but now want to go, contact your Scoutmaster as soon as possible!  If you’re already signed up and are interested in the SOAR Program, let your Scoutmaster know at the next meeting.

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