Aquanuschioni Pow Wow

The Aquanuschioni Pow Wow was held this past weekend.  It’s a Native American festival that featured games, activities and crafts, dance, drumming, and a Native American Pow Wow.

Despite some rain on Saturday morning, 12 boys from Troop 45 had an awesome time checking out all the day’s activities.  Many of the boys enjoyed Native American themed crafts such as beading necklaces and pocket danglers.  Others enjoyed paracord bracelet projects and leather crafting.  When they weren’t trying their hands at these activities, they were checking out the BB gun range, archery and atlatls (really cool throwing spears with a launcher!)

Through the day, it was cool to see boys enjoying games on the athletic field, building fires with soda cans/flint & steel/fire bows, and generally having a good time.

The highlight for most of the boys was the actual Pow Wow which occurred Saturday evening.  We spent about 2 hours dancing with the Native Americans and enjoying each other’s company.  The evening wound up with an awesome cracker barrel and left us completely worn out for the day.  After heading back to camp, the boys built one last evening campfire before turning in.

Sunday morning, we had a devotion in camp and promptly headed home for some much needed showers and naps to help us recover from the busy weekend.

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