Important Adult Training

“Every boy deserves a trained leader.”

It’s a common saying among scouters. Our training separates Boy Scouts from a random boys club. There are opportunities for all of our affiliated adults to learn the best practices and guidelines necessary to work with Boy Scout youth. To that end, there are several training opportunities coming up that you should seriously consider attending.

1. Training Super Weekend for Leaders: Sept. 25-27

The last day to register for Training Super Weekend is Sunday, Sept. 20.  Contact the Juniata Valley Council Office at 717-667-9236 if you can attend.  Registration is open to all of our registered committee members and scoutmasters.

Courses to be offered during Training Super Weekend:

  • Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (All weekend): $25 per adult
  • Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (Saturday only): $5 per adult
  • **Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (All Weekend): $25 per adult
  • Outdoor Webelos Leader (All Weekend): $25 per adult
  • Youth Protection (Friday night only): No cost

** Training for Scoutmasters

2. CPR/Wilderness First Aid

Coming in January 2016, you can take/renew your CPR training as well as Wilderness First Aid (WFA).  Successful completion of these courses will result in a Red Cross Certification.  Prices haven’t been set, but you will not be able to beat the cost, anywhere.  Check with your scoutmaster if you’re interested in attending.

CPR certifications are required for scoutmasters/assistants and last for 2 years.  CPR training is open to all registered members (adult and youth) of the troop.  Priority will be given to those that need it most.  This course will be taught on a weeknight.

WFA is required for high adventure activities.  You can’t go to Philmont without it.  Even if you don’t go to Philmont, it’s incredibly useful training that will improve your comfort level at administering first aid in a wilderness or remote setting.  This course it taught over a weekend.

3. Woodbadge

This is the premiere adult leader training program for Boy Scouts of America.  It’s open to all trained committee members or scoutmasters.  I honestly can’t say enough about this program.  It will not only improve you as a scout leader more than you can imagine, but it will improve your leadership outside of scouts.  In the process, you’ll learn a lot about our BSA program and you’ll make lifelong friends.

TROOP COMMITTEE – Please consider a scholarship to sponsor at least one adult member from your Troop for this training.

To learn more about Woodbage, which is scheduled for the fall of 2016, contact Chuck at


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