Scout Cook-off 2015

Troop 45 Scout Cook-off
Here are the rules for the cook off that will be held during our Scouting for Food camp out:
Date: 11/14/15
Place: Scout Building
Time: Cooking starts after scouting for food, food pick up.
Families are invited to come and sample the cooking at 1 pm
1. Cook by yourself or in a team of no more than two.
2. Can cook on any troop equipment, ie oven, cook top, dutch oven, on an open fire, in a foil pack, or bring your own cooking equipment.  Must be equipment that can be used on a camp out.
3. You can cook Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or a desert
4. Cook a meal to feed at least four people.
5. Must bring ingredients and make the meal at the event.  No pre-made meals that just need to be heated.
6. The Troop or the teams can work together to make a larger meal.  ie. one person makes the meal, and one the desert.
7.  Must bring the name of the dish you are cooking,  a list of ingredients, cooking utensils needed to make the meal, and cooking instruction.
8.  Must determine a cost per serving.
I look forward to sampling all the different meals.
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