Third time is a charm

This weekend will be the third attempt at the Durachko camp out.

Hard to believe that a winter camping trip was canceled because of to much snow and temperatures that were in the single digits.  But that has been the case for our last two attempts at this camp out.

With the warmer temps forecast for this weekend I’m looking forward to the trip.  We will be leaving the scout building at 6 pm or Friday evening, and then making a stop at Hall’s Market to meet the scouts from the Snow Shoe area before heading to camp.  Please let your scout master know if you will be meeting the troop in Milesburg or Snow Shoe.  Remember that we always travel in our class A uniform, and you will need your Class A for the scout service on Sunday morning.  Our Scout service will start at 9:30 am, and we will break camp to head home shortly after the service has ended.

There are a number of activities planned for the weekend:  Hiking, practicing lashing and knots, man hunt, cutting spars for the cross over bridge, and a service project of trimming brush along the camp road.

Remember to check the list section of this web site for the BSA ten essentials, and backpacking check list for the equipment needs for the camp out.  Contact your patrol leader if you have any questions on items you need to bring.

Just a reminder to have a separate set of clothes just for sleeping.  That set of dry clothes will help you keep warm.

Did I mention that we will be losing an hour of sleep on Saturday night because of Daylight savings time!





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