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Where do I put that patch?

I get questions all the time about where I should put a patch.  Sometimes, I don’t know and sometimes (yes it happens) I’m wrong about where I thought a patch should go.  But the good news is that there is … Continue reading

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Backpack Options

New scouts should soundly be into their first year and looking at their second year when they decide to get a backpack.  Too many first year scouts put one on and overdue it enough that it ruins them for outings from then … Continue reading

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Paracord Pouch

Do you like working with paracord?  Already made about 1 gazillion survival bracelets, but want to do more?  Well, we have a great project for you.  How about a paracord pouch?  It’s the perfect size for an Altoids container.  And … Continue reading

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BSA 10 Essentials

    What are the 10 essentials?  They’re the 10 most commonly used items that you should have on every outing.  The list was first published in 1930 by a mountaineering club, then later adopted by the Boy Scouts of … Continue reading

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Dressing for Winter Warmth

It’s REALLY cold outside, and its not even winter, yet!  We have snow on the ground, frost on the windows and if you’re not dressed properly, you’ll feel like your toenails are going to freeze off! But you want to … Continue reading

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Gear Review: Ozark Trail Camping Pillow

I just wrapped up another awesome night of camping in the woods of Pennsylvania.  I love camping in the fall, with the leaves coming down around me and the weather cooling off.  But one thing that makes the difference almost every … Continue reading

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5 Tips on Storing Your Gear and Preventing Funky Smells [repost]

Duncan sent in this link.  Hopefully he wasn’t trying to tell me that I smell bad, but his point about gear is a good one.  If it’s not aired out and packed will, it will stink!  Check out the excerpt, … Continue reading

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