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2015 First Aid Meet

Eight of our finest scouts tested their mettle in the 2015 First Aid Meet at Seven Mountains Scout Camp, this weekend.  Unlike previous years, EVERYTHING was outdoors.  Not only did our “Ax Men” (joined by members of the “Crows”) have … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Video – Trucker’s Hitch

Bonus points for anyone that can tie all the knots in the song at our next meeting! Bowline Sheepshank Double Overhand Square Knot Clove Hitch Double Shoe-Lace Bow Trucker’s Hitch

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Packing Your Backpack

Here are a few tips from REI, for packing your backpack.  Remember, this is for an internal frame backpack with a hip belt and not for a daypack or external frame backpack.  Some of the concepts are the same for those, but they … Continue reading

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Building a Campfire

No, it’s not math class.  But you need to memorize the following equation, anyway. Fire = Fuel + Air + Heat An infographic I found at does an awesome job in helping you understand the fuel part of the equation.

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Paracord Pouch

Do you like working with paracord?  Already made about 1 gazillion survival bracelets, but want to do more?  Well, we have a great project for you.  How about a paracord pouch?  It’s the perfect size for an Altoids container.  And … Continue reading

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Bowline Knots

The bowline knot is one of the six main knots that are used by Boy Scouts.  It’s not only handy, but it’s a requirement for First Class Scout: 8a. Demonstrate tying the bowline knot and describe several ways it can … Continue reading

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Building a Campfire

This is an awesome infographic from Peggy at BuzzFeed. It does an excellent job of explaining tinder, kindling and fuel that you need to gather for a campfire.

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